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October 15, 2022

Singapore Diaries - Part 2

Singapore | October 2022

The "Lion City", or the "Garden City", as Singapore is fondly know as, has a lot to do and explore, for people of all age groups. Having been in the Singapore vicinity for about 4 days, we were still yet to witness the beauty of the city. Coming back from a 3-night cruise to Penang, onboard the Spectrum of the Seas, we were just getting started with Singapore!

Travelling these days has become pretty simple, with all the resources available at the click of a button. And travel agents on top of that make your life easy. However, planning a holiday all by yourself has its own charm, of course if you are motivated enough. Apart from flights, hotels, food, sight-seeing, tickets to attractions, souvenirs, there are about a million other things you need to worry about. But the satisfaction it brings about is second to none.

Our sprits were high from the cruise trip earlier, and Ayaansh was ready for more. With another 3 days at our disposal, it was time for us to be efficient with the places we wanted to see, the food we wanted to (or rather we possibly could) eat, all keeping in mind the interests of a toddler and my just turned senior citizen young parents!

The Merlion Park visit fell on a hot humid day, and Ayaansh mastered the art of sleeping in the heat, with the vanes of a small battery-operated hand fan trying to cool him in vain. And as they say, nothing you learn goes waste, and nor did this skill for Ayaansh.

It's a lion. It's a fish. It's both. It's none.It's a lion. It's a fish. It's both. It's none.

With the limited time we had in Singapore, we chose to stick with the most visited places in the city, leaving a little scope for another trip to Singapore once Ayaansh is a little older.

At the Gardens By the Bay. Legend says he's still counting the colours of flowers.At the Gardens By the Bay. Legend says he's still counting the colours of flowers.

The Singapore flyer takes about 30 minutes for a rotation, while you take in the fantastic views of the city from an air-conditioned capsule. Little did we know that along with the views, we also would have a poopy nappy mid-air, making it one of the longest 30 minutes of our lives, waiting to get down so that Ayaansh could get a nappy change. Perks of parenthood!

This is how far we need to get down, before I get a nappy change!This is how far we need to get down, before I get a nappy change!

One of the purest joys of watching Ayaansh grow up is his love of animals. Be it in his books, be it in his clothes or his toys, Ayaansh loves talking to his animals in any form.

Ayaansh's exposure to fishes was limited to the aquarium we have at home. Little did he know that there's more to the aquatic world.

They say it is a jelly fish. Does it mean I can eat it?They say it is a jelly fish. Does it mean I can eat it?

Ayaansh's newly acquired skill of being able to sleep in the heat showed its charm even during our visit to the Singapore Zoo. For a little human who had built a great amount of excitement to see giraffes in the zoo, it is a shame that he was happily asleep when we actually saw giraffes. Although, Mumma and Dadda did take him to the giraffe enclosure once he was up, the irony here makes us all laugh!

Did you tell them I was asleep?Did you tell them I was asleep?

What was anticipated as a long-awaited family holiday eventually turned out to be the best time we all could spend together. With 3 generations of mildly different tastes, we managed to do a great job of attaining common ground wherever possible. As for Ayaansh, as we experience the sheer joy of watching him grow, we couldn't be happier to witness his early love for travelling, experiences and making memories. As we return back home, Vrunda and I have a strong motivation to show him the world in the years to come, with the best of our abilities, catering to the best of his choices and interests.

From here and beyond!