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December 11, 2021

A week in the blue - Maldives with a Toddler

Maldives | December 2021

At 9 months old, Maldives was Ayaansh’s first major holiday. While we had originally planned for a Maldives vacation as our baby moon, Covid had other plans for us and hence the baby moon ended up with the baby being outside Mumma’s tummy!

Gazing at the lagoon from our villa at the Kandima MaldivesGazing at the lagoon from our villa at the Kandima Maldives

4 flights, 2 seaplanes, a mini boat ride, and 6 nights of absolute leisure are how we like to describe our holiday in the Maldives.

Choosing a resort in the Maldives is the most complicated part of making this dream holiday come true. With many options available, narrowing down on the one that ticks all the boxes is a task. Between food, stay, activities, and most importantly budget, we absolutely loved the Kandima Maldives!

A truck-load of baby supplies, tons of sunscreen, a cute little swimwear for our little dolphin, and we were ready to embark on our Maldivian getaway.

Traveling with an infant naturally makes the trip focused entirely on them, and it wasn’t any different for us. The trip to Maldives with a toddler wasn't any different. Ayaansh had just moved on to solid food, and so we were a little concerned about the food options for him at the resort, but the team at the restaurant was more than accommodating to customise his meals on every occasion. So between soups, lentils, rice and yoghurts, we did pretty well with keeping an under-one-year old satiated in terms of his hunger breaks.

Our little munchkin had often shown signs of loving water while at home, but we only got to know what a water baby he is during our stay in the Maldives. Be it the lagoon, at the beach, or the swimming pool, Ayaansh had the time of his life splashing away in the water.

Overall, a week full of sun, soaking, sand, sips, siestas and a happy infant contribute towards what we call a perfect holiday. And this one turned out be our best so far!

Both Vrunda and I wish to encourage our child to see the world, just the way we love to. Needless to say, Ayaansh has shown very early signs of being a travel-friendly baby, giving us very high confidence that every trip with him is going to be a wonderful experience! And that is exactly why, this is just the beginning!